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Understanding Spaces

Spaces in Orange serve as the central communication hubs where your groups can thrive and collaborate. They are best organized around key themes, teams, or topics that define your community's structure and purpose.

Creating spaces is a breeze in Orange, as anyone can initiate a new space. Whether you want to establish a dedicated hub for a project team, an interest group, or a specific topic, you have the freedom to create spaces that align with your community's needs.

Adding members to a space is a flexible process in Orange. You can manually add members or use automated rules to sync members based on criteria such as their member type, positions they hold, or specific data attributes. This ensures that the right individuals are seamlessly included within the relevant spaces, fostering targeted and efficient communication.

In Orange, you can designate specific members as organizers of a space, granting them additional rights and responsibilities. These organizers have the authority to manage and shape the space, enabling them to curate content, moderate discussions, and ensure a cohesive experience for all members.

Privacy is an important consideration when it comes to spaces. You have the option to create private or public spaces based on your community's requirements. Private spaces are accessible only to members added by the organizers of the space, providing a secure and exclusive environment for sensitive or confidential discussions.

Each space in Orange comes equipped with essential features to facilitate seamless collaboration. A feed for posts allows members to share updates, announcements, and engage in discussions within the space. An event list keeps track of upcoming events, ensuring that members stay informed and can participate in relevant activities. The drive feature provides a dedicated space for storing and organizing files, making it easy for members to access shared resources.

In addition, spaces offer analytics capabilities, enabling you to gain insights into the engagement and activity levels within a specific space. This data empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize the space's effectiveness.

Orange also provides media functionality within spaces, allowing members to share and access visual content such as images and videos. A pinboard feature lets members pin important information or resources for easy reference and access.

To further enhance the capabilities of spaces, Orange allows you to integrate custom apps. You can add functionalities like mailing lists or sync a Google Calendar, tailoring the space to your community's unique needs and workflows.

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