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Understanding Members

In Orange, members represent individual user accounts within your community. Each member typically has an associated account email address, although you can add a new member with just their first name initially. Adding account emails can be done later, ensuring flexibility in the registration process.

It's important to note that emails can only belong to a single member, preventing any confusion or duplication within your community.

Members in Orange have a "basic" set of profile fields that provide essential information about them. These fields include first name, middle name, last name, title, sex, profile picture, phone number, headline, bio, birthday, location, occupation, industry, join date, and address. These details help create a comprehensive profile for each member, enabling better connection and engagement within your community.

As an admin, you have the power to fully customize member profiles to suit your community's needs. You can add sections and choose from 13 custom fields, allowing you to capture specific information relevant to your community's goals and interests.

Every member in Orange receives a profile that they can edit if you invite them to join your community. This empowers members to have control over their profile information and enables them to present themselves authentically within the community.

Furthermore, Orange provides you with the ability to delegate access and permissions to certain members. This means you can grant specific members the ability to edit other members' profiles, streamlining the process of keeping member information up to date.

A comprehensive history of each member's activity and engagement is captured within Orange. This history includes profile changes and various forms of engagement, allowing you to track the evolution of individual members and their contributions to the community.

To enhance organization and segmentation within your community, Orange allows you to group members through spaces. This feature, which we will cover in the next section, enables you to create distinct subsets of members based on shared interests, roles, or any other criteria that aligns with your community's structure and dynamics.

Next, we will delve into organizing members through spaces.

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