Getting Started
Navigating your Community

Let's take a quick tour of your community.

When you navigate your community in Orange, you'll find a user-friendly sidebar at the top left. Here's what you'll see:

  • Home: Your starting point within the community, where you can access updates, announcements, and engage in discussions.
  • Search: A powerful search tool to quickly find specific content, members, or spaces within your community.
  • Notifications: Stay informed about important activities, mentions, or updates happening in your community.
  • Calendar: Access and manage upcoming events, ensuring you never miss out on important dates.
  • Members: Explore and connect with other community members, view their profiles, and initiate conversations.
  • Leaders: Easily identify and reach out to leaders within your community for guidance, support, or collaboration.
  • Profile: Customize and manage your personal profile, including your information, preferences, and settings.

Below the sidebar, you'll find a section dedicated to your Spaces. This is where all the spaces you're a member of are listed, allowing you to navigate directly to the relevant spaces for focused communication and collaboration.

As an admin, you also have the ability to add custom navigation sections to the sidebar. This allows you to include links from within your Orange community or even add custom external links, providing quick access to specific resources or websites important to your community.

Let's take a look at apps and extensions for your community.

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