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Orange Glossary


A member represents an individual account for a person in Orange. They have profile information such as name, contact details, and other relevant attributes that contribute to their engagement and participation within the community.


Positions are roles or titles created within Orange to represent leaders or individuals with specific responsibilities in the community. Members can be assigned to these positions, granting them access and visibility based on their role.


Spaces in Orange are designated areas within the platform where groups communicate, collaborate, and organize activities. Spaces can be organized around hubs, teams, or specific topics, providing focused areas for discussions, events, file storage, and more.


Events in Orange refer to specific occurrences or activities that take place within the community. Members can create, manage, and participate in events, ensuring effective coordination and communication.


Posts are messages or updates shared within the community. They serve as a means of communication, information sharing, and engagement among members, facilitating discussions, announcements, or sharing of valuable content.


Polls are interactive features that allow community members to gather opinions, feedback, or preferences on specific topics or decisions. Members can create and participate in polls, promoting active engagement and collective decision-making.

Member Type

Member types are categories or classifications that differentiate members based on specific attributes or roles. They can be used to segment members for targeted communication, access controls, or customization of features.


The drive is a feature within Orange that provides file storage and organization capabilities. Members can upload, share, and access files, ensuring easy collaboration and centralized document management within the community.


Topics refer to specific subjects or areas of interest within the community. They can be used to categorize discussions, events, or posts, making it easier for members to find and engage with content relevant to their interests.

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